Is String Walking Allowed in Barebow? Discover the Power of Precision

Yes, string walking is allowed in barebow archery. Barebow archers can use the technique of string walking to adjust the vertical position of their arrow on the target. This technique involves changing the position of the hand along the bowstring, which allows for precision in aiming and can be beneficial for shooting at varying distances. … Read more

Top 10 Essential Tips to Take Your Archery Skills to the Next Level


Beginners or Pro, Archer are often asked themselves, how they can improve their skills without the observation of professionals. The answer isn’t easy to express but some tips will make your desired skill fulfill. With the combination of physical and mental challenges, it’s no surprise that more and more people are taking up archery as … Read more

How Cold Weather Impacts Arrow Flight? (Chilling Effect )

Chilling Effects

Most often an archer always wants to know about the trajectory of the arrow in cold weather. Here is a simple answer – Yes, cold weather can affect arrow flight. When the temperature drops, the air becomes denser, which increases the drag on the arrow and can cause it to slow down. Changes in temperature … Read more

Top 9 Archery Associations: Who They Are and What They Do?

Archery Organization

Let’s begin by considering a straightforward question: What is the primary objective of examining competition and its impact? The answer seems evident – there must be a purpose behind it. But, what if we take the example of archery? The answer to this question is quite clear – there needs to be an organization or … Read more

6 Best Movies Defined As Archery [ In Brief]

Best Archery Movies

Archery has long been a popular and enduring element in the film, serving as a means of survival, a symbol of rebellion, and a source of excitement and drama. From Katniss Everdeen’s bow and arrow in “The Hunger Games” to Hawkeye’s expertise with a bow and arrow in “The Avengers,” archery has played a significant … Read more

Foc Calculator: What Is FOC And What is a Good Foc for an Arrow?

foc calculator

FOC, short for “Front of Center,” is a crucial factor in arrow balance. It’s expressed as a percentage, representing the distance from the arrow’s balance point to its front, relative to its overall length. The ideal FOC for an arrow varies depending on the type of archery and personal preference. For hunting, many opt for … Read more