10 Best Youth Compound Bow Reviews and Buying Guide 2022 – Editor’s Choice

As of June 2023/24, over 100 new compound bows designed for youths are now available on the market. Many of these newly available compound bows use new technologies that have not been widely used previously in a regulated way.

Before you let on the jump to buy the best youth compound bow, look at the exact terminology and what to think about first. Without knowing the expertise reviewing, the purchase is going to be getting ripped off. So choose your product after expertise review what we’ll show in this post.

Last year we faced problems with the compound bow for youths but at this point, we decided to give you actual information about the genuine product this year. So with a variety of options, you can easily pick one to get started with. Here is the quick choice to pick one.

Editors Choice: Genesis Original Bow 

Best Value:  Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Top Pick: Sanlida Archery Compound Bow

Super Basic and affordable:  Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Set

Top 10 Best youth compound bow Comparison Table

ormatted as a link. Here’s the corrected table without any broken formatting:

PickPreviewModelDraw LengthNet WeightDraw WeightLet-OffPrice
Editor’s choiceGenesis Original Bow15″-30″3.5 lbs10-20 lbs0%$Check Price
Best ValueBear Archery Brave Bow Set13.5”-19.5”2.7 lbs15-25 lbs65%$Check Price
ABY1721 Elkhorn Youth Compound BowSalida Archery Compound Bow2.8 lbs15 lbs$Check Price
Barnett Vortex Lite Bow22”-25”2.3 lbs18-29 lbs60-70%$Check Price
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow13″-31″3.2 lbs5-70 lbs80%$Check Price
Diamond Archery Atomic Bow12″-24″1.9 lbs6-29 lbs$Check Price
Bear Archery Royale Youth Compound Bow12″-27″2.7 lbs5-50 lbs75%$Check Price
Super Basic and affordableBear Archery Apprentice Bow13″-24″2.9 lbs6-13.5 lb.70%$Check Price
Top PickSanlida Archery Compound Bow18′-31″3.8 lbs0-70 lbs70-80%$Check Price
PANDARUS Compound Bow Archery19”-28”2.5 lbs15-29 lbs65%$Check Price

1. Genesis Original Bow-Editor’s choice

Genesis bows are specially designed to lower the peak weight of the bow, which makes them a good option for beginners and intermediate archers. Several features make this bows the pick option to choose. This is the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program, a program developed by NASP to reintroduce archery to schools.


Easy to operate: This is the perfect starter bow for archers of all sizes and abilities. Unlike other bows, there is not a specific draw length requirement to ensure that they will grow with your child.

Well Build: The sturdy frame consists of a 6061-T6 aluminum riser, with a powerful steel cam and idler wheels to pull the limbs. The bowstrings are made from an innovative composite material that is durable enough for any archer.

Simple Structured: The Zero let-off design makes the bow more forgiving and is superior for new archers. The bow can be easily adjusted without the need to adjust cables or re-brace, simply tighten or loosen screws on each side of the cam wheel. This feature makes it ideal for children as they grow taller and their strength increases.

Lightweight and Adjustability: One of the features that make this bow so great is its light draw weight. It can be adjusted with a 3/16″ hex wrench (provided) and has a 20 lb limit, but can also be adjusted to 10 lbs.

Sturdy Accessories: When you are looking to buy a bow, consider the aluminum cam and idler wheel, composite limbs, cable guard; molded competition grip, or riser that is drilled and tapped for standard attachments. This compound bow we have in stock is made of aluminum. The axle-to-axle measurement is 35 1/2 inches, and the brace height is 7 5/8 inches.

Accuracy: Constructed with single-cam technology, there are no tuning issues, and give you an improved shooting accuracy

2. Bear Archery Brave Bow Set-Best Value

Bear Archery is a leading producer of youth and institutional archery gear. The Brave is a good, young compound bow for children seeking to join in the family tradition of archery. The bow is suggested for people eight years of age and older.


Ready to use: The 26-inch axle-to-axle introductory bow and two Safetyglass arrows come ready to shoot. This axile to axile measurement is pretty compact and sturdily constructed for both adults and beginners to get with it.

Standard Draw weight: The Brave Bow is a 15 to 25 lb. peak draw weight that is perfect for youth archers. It is a bow that can grow with the child, as they get stronger over time and are able to handle more draw weight.

Adjustable Length: The Brave Bow features an adjustable length from 13 to 19 inches so it fits children of all sizes comfortably without feeling too restrictive or in any way dangerous.

Essential Parts: This compound bow set includes arrows, a wrist guard, an armguard with quiver, a finger tab target practice rest, one hex wrench to assemble your new bow with ease.

Consistency: The bow let-off is referred to the bow’s level of mechanical assistance provided to ensure a consistent and comfortable draw. The let-off on the bow is 65% when compared to the bear archery brave bow set.

Quiver orientation: The whisker biscuit arrow rest also comes with the Brave bow with a high-quality quiver that attaches to your belt and has enough room for six arrows. However the brace length of 5.5″ is a little short for some and the arrows will need to be smaller arrow shafts.

Beginners optimum: The finger tab is a target practice rest that attaches around your index finger with a string, it’s perfect for beginners who are still mastering their shooting technique.

Hand Orientation: The brave bow is made for right-handedness. And the different color options are black, green, orange, purple with a white grip the bow is also available in camo.

3. ABY1721 Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow

If you want a bow that must be strong enough for children and adults then the elkhorn ABY1721 can be a great option.  The material is made of aluminum and fiberglass, which makes it lightweight to make drawing easier.

This bow is a great starter set for the young archer who wants to take up shooting as an enjoyable pastime. The compound bows with these features are not cheap but worth it when you consider what they can do and how much fun they will be.


Weight and length: This bow is 33 inches long with an angled design that makes it easier for children or adults to face the target point from different angles. Before shooting you need to pull back 26 inches (the average varies 17-21). The 15 Pound draw weight can be adjusted with draw length.

Orientations: This bow has a grip that is great for lefties or right-handed shooters, which makes it easier to hold on to the release and arrow rest positions.  This set also includes two arrows with field tips so you can get started shooting as soon as you open your box.

Ages for: Young children can take guidance from parents and elders about compound bow shooting. The size of the bow is 3.3 pounds, which is easier for a 10 to 12-year-old child to use.

Construction: The durable, heavy-weight composite limb is even easier for young children to handle. The limbs are made of durable, heavy composite material which is a big plus when it comes to playing.

Efficiency: The heavy-duty all-weather strings are helpful for windy, rainy days or just long days of play.

Braces: The brace comes which a height is 8 inches that can be adjusted from a seated position to an upright shooting stance. This will ensure that you shoot with accuracy.

Comes With: The compound bow is equipped with a finger guard and arrow rest, so all the young archer needs to do is attach an arrow and start shooting.

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Hunting Equipment: Hunting equipment comes in handy for animal hunting or target practice. For safety purposes, it’s good not to use the compound bow without adult supervision.

4. Barnett Vortex Lite Youth Compound Bow

The Barnett vortex lite is an advanced equipped and well build compound bow designed for the youth Which gives you the opportunity for beginners to advanced archers. By the way, with its long last performance with sturdy design, it is perfect for a growing child who is just starting to explore his or her lifelong love of the outdoors.


Draw weight: In addition, this bow model also features an adjustable draw weight that ranges from 18 lbs – 29 lbs. The draw weight means that you can adjust the bow to fit your strength with it.

Draw length:  The draw length for this model ranges from 22″ – 25″. Draw lengths are important because they determine how far back your arrow will be pulled before releasing it.

Orientation: The Vortex lite can be used by right-handed shooters, so it has a broader appeal for those who are interested in trying archery as well.

Let-offs: This Compound Youth Bow comes with a 60-70% let-off. Let off means how much weight is taken off the string when you hold the bow. For example, a 60-70% let-off means that if you draw weight (which is how hard it pulls back) on a compound youth bow set at 55 lbs, then only 11lbs of pressure will be applied to the string and arrow for each shot.

Adjustability: The bow was constructed with American Traditional Archery regulations and made of tough fiberglass. The machine-cut limbs enable easy draw length adjustments, which can be made in 1″ increments. The arrow rest is adjustable too.

Durable: The design and construction of this model are also very sturdy, which gives it a long life expectancy. The high-performance bows designed for the most extreme shooting needs with durability and precision in mind.

5. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

If you’re searching in the market for a high-quality bow that is lightweight and forgiving, this Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro may be the right choice. With its premium and professional looks, this model is a great option for people of all skill levels, and it can also be used by both left-handed and right-handed shooters.


Draw Weight and length: Its draw weight can be adjusted from five to seventy pounds of force so you will have no trouble adjusting it to your own personal needs as well. This Compound bows have a wide draw length range of 13 to 31 inches.

This bow comes with a limb bolt to adjust the draw weight. There are grooves for easy adjustments of the draw weight in any range, +/-10lbs

Cam System: The Infinite Edge Pro’s design features an innovative three-cam system that delivers the smoothest draw cycle available in any bow on the market today. 

Synchronized Binary Cam System provides the most even 80% let-off possible, which means that the shooter can hold the bow at full draw for a longer period of time without feeling any resistance from the cam system. 

In-Build stabilizers:The Infinite Edge Pro includes a built-in stabilizer that offers incredible balance and stability for an amazingly level shot every time you shoot it. This stability will allow you to shoot from any angle and the arrow will still stay on course.

Effectiveness: The Infinite Edge Pro’s high gloss finish is very durable and easy to clean. The deep black color ensures that this model will not show dirt or water stains.

With its carbon composite string suppressors, you’ll enjoy the reduced noise, vibration, and harsh recoil.

Speed and accuracy:It can shoot an arrow with 310 fps which is enough to take down a deer from up to 40 yards away. This is a great option for those who prefer to hunt closer and don’t need too much travel from the string. It has an axle-to-axle of 31 inches and a brace height of 7 inches.

The Infinite Edge Pro is very effective because of its high draw weight, accurate shooting, and lightweight design.

6. Diamond Archery Youth Atomic Compound Bow

Diamond Atomic Youth Bow – This is a good bow to choose if you are looking to get your kids started shooting. The way the bow is adjusted makes it a more appropriate size for growing kids. However, this youth compound bow is a great option if you’re on a budget and want an economical bow for your kids.

This youth compound bow has a great weight range that makes it perfect for children aged 12-14 years old or as an entry-level model. The recommended draw length is between 12 inches – 24 inches which means you should be able to use this for many seasons to come due to its durability and versatility.


Draw wright and length: The draw weight of the diamond archery bow is 6-29 lbs that are adjustable. The adjustability works when you have a young shooter or an older one. The draw length of the diamond archery bow is 12-24 inches that are adjustable.

Arrow velocity: The max arrow velocity on this youth compound bow is 191 ft/sec which can help you to shot with more accuracy.

Materials and safety: The bow is made of a composite material with an aluminum riser and limbs that are molded together. The Diamond Atomic Youth Bow has a safety system that is easy to operate. It also has a molded-in shelf for the arrow to rest, which is safer because it keeps the arrow in place.

Package includes: This package includes a whisker biscuit (The whisker biscuit is an arrow rest that has bristles to catch the shaft of an arrow and keep it in place) with this purchase for all mounting points and other necessary parts to make it easier to assemble your new bow.

Putting together: Putting this compound bow together is quick and easy, with most of the process being self-explanatory because all parts are labeled clearly. With a mass of 1.9 lbs, the bow is lightweight which helps to make it easier to hold the bow steady and get more accurate shots.

Our Thoughts: One of the main drawbacks of these compound bows is how difficult they can be when trying to shoot farther targets, but these features should make it easier for younger archers.

7. Bear Archery Royale Youth Compound Bow

When you’re looking for a bow with optimum accuracy and reliability, the bear archery royale youth compound bow is a great option because it has been engineered to be accurate, yet durable. This model is made from strong aluminum and fiberglass that make it very lightweight but still able to deliver the power needed for hunting and recreational shooting.


Adjustability: This compound bow can be easily adjusted with its Allen wrench to suit your preferences. It does not require a bow press so it’s very easy and quick to do, which is great for hunters who are on the move regularly.

Length with brace height: The draw length can be adjusted from 12-2 7inches in ½ inch increments using the cam wheel at no cost. This makes this model perfect for growing archers or those with long arms as they will grow into their compound bow without having to replace it when they’re older. The brace height of this model can also be set between  6 inches (for younger children) up to eight inches if desired, making sure that you get just what you want out of every shot.

Adjustable Draw Weight: This youth compound bow has an adjustment range of 5lbs to 50lbds of draw weight which means that it is perfect for a transitioning archer or someone who ready for the hunt.

A Silent Shooter: The compound bow has an arrow rest and stabilizer system which provides stability to the shooter’s arm while shooting so they don’t have to worry about noise and vibration interfering with their shot.

Suited for: It can be used by anyone aged 12 years old up (yes even adults!) due to its lightweight design coupled with excellent accuracy – this model shoots as accurate as 60 yards

Speed: The bow can shoot an utmost of 290 feet per second that is suitable for hunting as beginners. And the 75% let-off design makes it superior for the more experienced archers. Trophy ridge mist sight will provide the shooting arrow with aiming accurate and better view.

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8. Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Set-Super Basic and affordable

If you are looking for a super basic but still pretty durable to shoot, then the Bear Archery Apprentice Bow might be for you. It is made with durable composite limbs that are the perfect length for kids to shoot. This 27” axle-to-axle bow will be sure to catch the attention of your children because it comes in two cool colors: Flo Green or Flo Orange.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult looking for a new hobby or just want something fun to do during family time – this young’s archery apprentice bow from Bear Archery company would make the perfect addition! With its high quality and easy assembly process, all you need is some space outside or inside.


This compound bow has a draw weight between 6 pounds to 13.5 pounds and has a 13-inch to 24-inch draw length.

The youth archery kit comes with two safety glass arrows and a target including with arrow rest and finger rollers for ready to shoot.

The bow is right-handed and has an 8.5-inch brace height which makes it perfect for youth to start with.

This Apprentice compound Bow is recommended for ages 4 and up. But if you’re not passionate about archery then you can use it as fun also.

Why should you choose it?

The price point and quality with modification make the bow super pick and especially for your kids, it can be a great option to get started with. The requirements for suitability of a kid’s bow are all about included. Besides your kids can start learning through it and next he can go better option.

9. Sanlida Archery Dragon X8 Hunting Compound Bow

The Sanlida Archery Dragon X-Series Compound Bow is designed for hunters and target shooters. It features a no-nonsense design with heavy-duty components that will last many years of hard use.

Adult, Youth, or professionals whoever you are, This Sanlida bow provides you the optimum power, accuracy, and durable shot what you expect from the real professional bow. This also comes with an array of essential parts, making it perfect for any hunter or target shooter.


Fitted length: This bow has an adjustable draw length from 18″ to 31″. This means you can grow with the bow as your skills develop, accommodating both youth archers and adults alike. The axle-to-axle measurement ranges between 30″, making this model one of the most compact bows on the market today! With an IBO speed rating of 310 FPS, it shoots fast enough to hunt any game animal.

Weight: The mass of the bow is 3.8 Pounds and Brace Heigh 6.6 inches which are perfect for any hunter to carry and use because it is easy to handle. The draw weight of the bow is 0 to 70 lbs.

Stringing: The bow comes with a Dacron string, which replaces the need for waxing or serving strings that are easily broken during normal wear-and-tear of hunting trips.

Quiver adjustment: The arrow rest on this model locks in place and there’s also an accessory shelf under the quiver which helps you keep all your gear neatly organized! This can actually be adjusted up or down depending on where you want everything positioned. So it will always feel comfortable at eye level while shooting too.

Build: The premium build of this compound bow is made possible by its 6061 T6 aluminum cam and module system which provides unmatched durability for any hunting practice or real hunt.

Materials and accessories: This Dragon X8 Compound Bow Package comes with numerous accessories that are necessary when readying the bow for a shot. The Aluminum Bow Riser, Bow Sight, Bow Arrow Rest, Stabilizer and Wrist Sling all make it much easier to prepare your dragon.

10. PANDARUS Compound Bow

The Pandarus Compound Bow is equipped with tools, accessories to provide a great experience for beginners and youth. If you searching for a perfect upgrade to the traditional bow for hunting or shooting for entertainment with, feathering, nock, metal insert that are pre-installed then this is for you. By the way, this is the bow for Women, Youth, and beginners as an entry-level segment with an optimum price.


Adjustable draw weight & draw length: The draw weight ranges between 15-29lbs while the draw length needs to be no longer than 19”-28″ without a bow press needed. This makes it an excellent choice for children wanting to purchase their first bow set!

Colors: The color scheme (Black/Red/Blue/Green/Pink) is black and camo or desert tan, so regardless of where you are in the country this bow will blend in nicely with your surroundings.  One more thing: children usually prefer camo colors over others like desert tan at least in my experience.

Lightweight: This compound bow is lightweight and easy to use, making it perfect for youths. The mass of the bow is only 2.5lbs that makes the bow lightweight and sturdy to shot and great for youth to adults.

Accuracy: The 260 fps of IBS Speed give the topmost accuracy when shooting on the target.

Installed and included accessories: The bow will come with its own manual,  12 pieces of arrows, and an arrow rest. It also includes arm guards, 5 pieces Brenches, Arrow Quiver, Bow sight, and targets.

Buyer guide:

Must consideration before buying the youth compound bow-

A buying decision can be crucial if you’re not looking for some basic information about the products. The buying guide provides you the facts about the best youth compound bow.

What is a Compound Bow?

A compound bow has a pulley system and cables to help you hold as much tension on an arrow string as possible, which in turn increases your shooting power and accuracy. This technique is called leverage or mechanical advantage.

A traditional longbow uses less of these features but makes up for it by being more customizable with material composition; whereas a compound bow focuses all its energy into one shot per set-up.

Who needs this product?

This type of equipment can be useful if the person will use their new purchase often while hunting, target practicing, or just having fun outside with friends and family members! It’s also great for those who want to get started to learn this new skill also.

Before buying a compound bow especially for youth, make sure to consider the following:

Age and size of the youth:

A bow for a 50″ tallboy will be different than one for an 80″ tall girl. What weight is appropriate is a question that often said, consumers. The answer is related directly to the height of the child.

For example, if a youth is taller than 50″ then they should use an adult bow weight or even heavier. On average, for every two inches in height, you should add about one pound of draw-weight (e.g., 60 pounds for someone who’s 72″).

Experience level:

The more experience that a person has with compound bows, the better shot he will become and also have some knowledge on how to set up their equipment accordingly based on what type it may be needed for at certain times during hunting season which may include different ranges and weights as well as other important features like draw length adjustments needs.

Draw length:

Often determined by hand span, but sometimes can be set by adjusting limbs or cams if necessary. (If you are not confident about this ask instructor). The optimum draw length is determined by the length of your arm, from shoulder to fingertip.

Draw weights:

In general, as a person grows taller their draw weight should increase. To be safe start with 40 pounds and move up in five-pound increments until comfortable or stop at 50-60 pounds (This is for someone who has grown two inches).

As well it’s important to consider how often you will use this bow because more experience can lead to needing heavier draws which could limit its usability during different seasons/times of the year where lighter weight bows might suffice better.


The adjustability of the bow is its versatility. The only issue with this is that the bow can be difficult to use for beginners who are still acquiring their form and learning how to shoot a bow.

The other issue here is that once you have reached your personal draw weight it may not be possible to adjust so much more without buying another heavier one or switching bows entirely from recurve to longbow etc., which would require further research on individual needs.

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A note about string length:

With any traditional bowstring, there will always be some give in the string due to stretching because of wear and tear over time even if constantly conditioning strings, as well as weather conditions (dampness). This means that when measuring out your string make sure there’s enough room for a little bit of stretch before finalizing measurements with a tight knot at both ends.

The factor to consider when choosing your new bow is the type of string it comes with or if you want to change out the current one entirely for something else like hemp cable cord instead.

Hemp would be stronger but may require waxing regularly; whereas, Dacron strings can wear away faster over time as they contain Nylon fibers which break down quickly under heavy use and exposure to rainwater etc., so changing them every month might be necessary.


Another form factors of the bow before buy is durability. A bow made of a strong material will last longer than one that is not. For example, fiberglass bows are less durable and carbon fiber bows offer more durability in equal draw weight.


Another key thing about how much care your bow requires includes tuning up the bow string. If you are a beginner, this might be something to consider because it can take time and patience that may not be worth the hassle if you’re just starting out.


As for how often tuning should happen, some people say every day or two is enough while others feel like they need to do it more frequently such as once a week depending on frequency of use.

The important thing is always checking the tension on your Dacron strings before an outing so that they don’t snap in half when drawing back too far! Always check them first.


Left handed or right handed, Choose according to your perspective. Then , hold the bow in front of you with your chest, back and legs against a stable wall. Your left arm should be on the inside of your body while your right arm is completely extended out to the side for balance and stability.


You can choose to buy the item online through an e-commerce website or in a store near you, but if you’re looking for something specific then it’s always worth checking out both options so that you find what works well.


The price of your new bow may vary greatly depending on its quality and the materials used to make it. A more expensive bow will typically perform better than one that is less pricey, which means they are often made with higher quality materials such as carbon fiber or aluminum rather than wood.

The trade-off between cost versus performance must be considered when deciding on a purchase; not all people have money to spend as others do!

Frequently Asked Question:

How do you know how large a bow to purchase for a child?

The size of the youth compound bow is based on the draw length of the user. The minimum is 18” and the maximum is 25”. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend going with the shorter size to be able to grow into it as needed!

What is the draw weight?

The draw weight of a bow means how much the user has to pull on a bowstring before it is released. The draw weight of a bow changes with each type and model. Like, a heavier bow will require more force to be drawn.

What is the difference between an archery set and a compound bow?

Compound bows have pulleys on both ends of the string so that it can store energy and release it when needed. It also has certain cams which are used in order for the user to adjust their draw length without any need for tools!

A traditional recurve or longbow does not have those features and they use other means that do not generate as much power like using your arms instead of cables and pulley systems.

What should I do to adjust my sights?

Sight adjustments for your bow depend on the sight brand. All you need to do is match up your desired target with the inside of the sight’s opening until you find a comfortable position!

  • Adjust your sights to focus on the front sight
  • Squeeze the trigger, don’t jerk it
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire
  • Breathe and relax before firing a shot
  • The more time you spend with your gun, the better you will become at shooting it
  • Practice makes perfect – so be sure to practice often!

What are some safety tips when using archery equipment?

Always eye protection first! Be sure not to point arrows at anyone or anything but what you intend them to hit, even if that object isn’t an animal/person, as arrows can still have enough force to injure someone in their path. Keep fingers away from the string while pulling the arrow back off rest position.

Can a youth’s bow kill a deer?

This depends on the quality of the bow that is being used. Typically a youth bow will not be as strong and should only be able to kill smaller animals such as squirrels or rabbits, larger game may require different equipment to effectively protect both the archer and animal. But a good-quality bow can easily tackle down the deer with one arrow.

What is the cost of archery for an average person?

Archery is a slightly expensive hobby. It requires a lot of time and effort to be successful, which is also what makes it so rewarding when you pull off that perfect shot!

Well-made bows will cost around a hundred bucks or more for the first bow and then another fifty to two hundred each year for any replacement equipment (arrows, strings, sights). Arrows can vary in price depending on length but typically range from an average of 35 per dozen.

Targets are relatively inexpensive as well at about a quarter of a hundred bucks apiece with some being self-healing foam targets costing less than this. Bowstrings are required every few years after many hours of constant use. This go-anywhere from thirty to a hundred bucks.

Do I need to buy a new bow?

A used bow does not come with a warranty just like new bows, but buying used does not come without risk. It is advised that you purchase from reputable sellers who have been in the business of selling archery equipment for some time and are well-known to be reliable and trustworthy. If they’re willing to give a guarantee on their product then it’s likely worth purchasing.

A bow must be maintained, cleaned regularly, waxed after every use, string replaced over time. But this is also what gives its character: time and effort put into making each shot perfect!

Well-made bows will cost around Two-hundred bucks or more for the first bow. then another fifty to two hundred dollars per year for any replacement equipment (arrows, strings).

How long can a bow last?

A bow can last long if it is taken care of properly and handled with respect. Generally, after buying a new bow it will last for years to years. There are many ways that you can take care of your bow, from how to clean the equipment to what kind of arrows need more maintenance than others.

Some bows can last a long time if treated well and respectfully handled while other types require different forms or upkeep depending on their material type which will also determine its longevity in addition to how often you use it.

How often should I restrain my bow?

You should restring your bow every six months minimum. If used heavily then four times per year may be necessary but no matter how often you do it, your bow will need to be restrung periodically.

Why Genesis Original Bow is our Editors Pick:

Genesis Original Bow is our expert staff’s pick because of its simple design, which suits youth the most. It also has a durable body and as such we consider this product to be one of our experts’ opinions.

The product price is up to mark relative to other brands. If you want a simplistic and occasional bow that must be useful for your kids and server for a long time this pick will be worth enough.

However, most reviews refer to the bow’s quality to its consumers with a different perspective. It also includes the most positive feedback from them as an important consideration for choosing this bow.

Final Verdict:

It’s important to consider the needs of your child when purchasing a compound bow. The best youth compound bows are durable enough for children, yet also easy on their hands and wrists because they have an adjustable draw weight range from 10-30 pounds. These models allow kids to grow with them as well without being too heavy or difficult to handle for smaller frames.

If you are on a budget then the Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Set can be a great option to start with, because of its quality in this price segment.

But for those youth, want to go for real hunts, the Sanlida Archery Compound Bow can be pick options with its hunting looks with accurate shot and speed.

Now this is time to choose the right bow from the list.