10 Best Arrows for Compound Bow: Beginners, Kids, and Pro.

From the huge variety of arrow brands, it’s tricky to Choose the best arrows for a compound bow. The wrong selection can affect accuracy, and might not even be safe to shoot. That’s why it’s so important to choose an arrow that matches your archery needs.

From the most professional archer’s end, some basic factors must be considered before choosing an arrow-like how heavy your bow is, and balance the weight across the shaft, etc. In a similar vein, you will want to find the right arrow and make sure it is compatible with your bow.

So in this blog post, we’ll provide you with some tips for choosing the right arrows for your shooting style, plus a list of some of our favorite brands on the market today. 

Among the list of arrows, the carbon express maxima hunters is our editor’s pick. Let’s get started for perfect arrow-

Best pick: Tiger Archery 30 Inch Carbon Arrow


Best value: Musen 30 Inch Carbon Archery Arrow

For Youth Practice : KESHES Archery Carbon Arrows

Top 10 Best Arrows for Compound Bow Comparison Table

Editors Pick CARBON EXPRESS MAXIMA RED31.5 Inch0.295-inchYesCheck Price
Top Pick Tiger Archery 30 Inch Carbon Arrow30 Inch0.309 inchesYesCheck Price
Best ValueMusen 30 Inch Carbon Archery Arrow28/30 Inch0.309 inchYesCheck Price
  ANTSIR 30 Inch Carbon Arrows30 Inch7.8mmYesCheck Price
  Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows30 Inch7.8mmYesCheck Price
  REEGOX Carbon Arrows30 Inch6.2mmYesCheck Price
  GPP Archery Carbon Arrow30 Inch7.8mmYesCheck Price
  Pointdo 30inch Carbon Arrow30 Inch0.309 inchesYesCheck Price
  Elong Fiberglass Arrows Archery24/ 26/ 28 /30Inch7 mmNoCheck Price
For Youth KESHES Archery Carbon Arrows30 inch0.309 InchYesCheck Price


Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrows are made from 100% carbon fiber. They have a dynamic spine control and come with Blazer Vanes. These arrows offer great accuracy and speed, plus they’re durable enough to handle the most intense hunting conditions. The red color makes them easy to spot after shooting so you can easily retrieve them if needed.

The Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrow is a high-performance arrow designed for the serious archer constructed with a 2-piece aluminum nock and LAUNCHPAD precision nock. The Maxima Red Arrow is available in both right-hand and left-hand configurations.

These 6-Pack arrows come with real straightness with 1 of 10,000 inches. With its unique performance, it can be used to the straightness of maximum +/- 0.0025-inches.
The Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrow broadhead is engineered to deliver the ultimate in accuracy and performance.

The patent-pending design features a 0.295-inch diameter, a 31.5″ length, and an 8.11 GPI weight tolerance of ± 1 grain for maximum accuracy and penetration on game animals from elk to whitetail deer.

The 3-blade design includes two fixed blades that are fully CNC machined before being heat-treated for superior strength and durability, plus a mechanical blade that moves with the arrow during flight to ensure complete cutting.

2. Tiger Archery 30 Inch Carbon Arrow- Top Pick

The Tiger Archery 30 Inch Carbon Arrow is one of the most efficient and accurate arrows on the market. It has a carbon shaft that will not be damaged by UV rays, so it won’t need replacing as often as wooden arrow shafts do. If you’re looking for some high-quality equipment to help improve your accuracy and overall performance in archery, this might be just what you’re looking for!

These Carbon Arrows are designed for the traditional archer. These arrows have a straightness tolerance of +/- 0.005 inches and weight tolerance of +/- 2 grains per arrow. The shafts are made from 100% carbon, which allows for long life and durability with proper maintenance. The nocks on these arrows are made from nylon, which is durable and will not chip or break when shot from your bow.

These arrows feature an outer diameter of 0.309 inches, which makes them suitable for use with most 40-60 pounds compound bows on the market today. The arrow has 500 spines with 13.0 Grain Per Inch weights and has 35 grams of weight of each arrow.

Tiger Archery Carbon Hunting Arrows are made with precision-crafted carbon shafts and high-quality hardwood inserts. Tiger Archery’s hunting arrows are designed for extended durability and long-lasting target practice. The Tiger Archery Carbon Arrow is a great way to get the most out of your hunting experience.

It has a shield cut nock to prevent wear on the arrow shafts when shot in reverse orientation or against an abrasive surface.

Tiger Archery Carbon Arrows are the perfect choice for target practice and outdoor shooting. The arrows have colored plastic fletching that always points the right way, making them easier to find when you’re practicing in an open field. Each arrow is made of a carbon fiber shaft with a nickel-plated stainless steel tip, so they are strong enough to handle any shot you make.

They have a replaceable nock and come with 3 sizes of vanes, which make them adjustable for your bow.

The Tiger Carbon Arrow is available in a pack of 12 and each pack includes 8 different colors, so you can choose the one that fits your needs best.

The Tiger Carbon Arrows are perfect for target practice, or any other activity that requires a high-quality arrow. They’re also great for beginners who want to take their first steps into archery without having any issues.

3. Musen 30 Inch Carbon Archery Arrow- Best Value

Musen carbon arrows are made of high-quality carbon fiber. The shaft is 28 inches/30 inch, spine 500 with removable tips. They are designed for target practice and hunting.

These arrows are highly durable, and incredibly lightweight (the whole arrow weighs about 35g each), and they fly straight and true every time you let one fly.

The Musen Carbon Archery Arrows will help you shoot straighter, longer, and more accurately than ever before! If you’re a beginner or experienced archer looking to improve your accuracy, these arrows will be perfect for you.

Musen Carbon Archery Arrow is a high-quality carbon arrow with a good price. Fletched with 2 black & 1 white TPU 3″ vanes, it can be used for all kinds of bows (recurve bow, compound bow, and longbow).

This arrow has an outer diameter of 7.8mm and a spine of 500. It’s suitable for draw weight 30-55 pound recurve bow, compound bow, and longbow.

The length of the shaft is 31″. The materials of the arrow tips are stainless steel structured. The arrow is constructed with a 13 Grain Per Inch build.

The Musen Carbon Archery Arrows are available in packs of 12 (six right-handed & six left).

Musen Carbon Archery has very high straightness, which contributes to optimal accuracy in your hunting and target practice. The lightweight material makes these arrows fly faster than other brands, resulting in better precision. All Musen carbon shafts are produced with the highest standards of quality control.

Musen Carbon Archery Arrow is equipped with TPU rubber vanes, which can effectively reduce the noise of the arrow and ensure that you have a quiet shot.

The fixed field point is made of stainless steel. Perfect in anti-corrosion and target penetration, which makes it an excellent choice for beginner archers. Tightly screwed on 100-grain arrow tips are tight enough to secure the field point yet still allow them to be replaced according to your personal needs. The nocks can be adjusted to fit a compound bow or recurve bow.

4. ANTSIR 30 Inch Carbon Arrows

The ANTSIR Carbon Arrows are a great choice for your hunting and targeting practice. It can be used for compound bow, recurve, or longbow. The draw weight is 25-55 LB. They are made of high-quality carbon material and have great strength as well as flight speed.

The arrows are 30 inches in length with a diameter of 0.245 inches. The arrowheads have been designed to give you the perfect balance between penetration and damage on impact so that you can precisely target both small games and big games alike.

The seamless and smooth fly of the arrows depends on the great straightness of ± .006″ and its weight Tolerance of ± 1 gram. As a beginner, it is important to get good equipment. The Carbon Arrows are perfect for beginners.

The nocks are not glued, but they hold securely in place.

Carbon arrow with each of  5.00% Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate and the 85.00% Carbon Fiber constructed.

The 500-spine provides an ideal balance of speed, accuracy, and penetration. With a 13 GPI, this arrow is built with high-quality carbon and designed specifically for hunting. These arrows are specially treated to ensure consistent weighting and durability. The shafts are constructed with a full-length aluminum insert that ensures proper alignment of the nock point.

The arrow is much more durable to use unless you hit hard surfaces. The 34 grams of each arrow weight is much more convenient to use for shooting.

It has an outer shaft diameter of 7.8mm and an inner diameter of 6.2mm, making it perfect for use in compound bows or longbows.

5. Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows are made with the finest materials to provide you with a reliable arrow. This is a 2-Inch Raptor Vanes (1-Dozen) . Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows come in various colors and can be used for many different types of hunting. These arrows are versatile and will allow you to get the job done right.

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows are the great choice for archers who want to start shooting at longer distances. These arrows have a 9.3 grain per inch weight and a 32-inch length with a 0.246-inch of diameter. Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows are available in  four different spine weights (300, 340, 400 and 500).

These arrows have straightness tolerances of +-.003 inches. They also weigh in at +/-2 grams, so they can be used on a variety of bows. They have a 2″ shield cut vanes that are made from durable plastic material to ensure that the arrow will fly straight through the air without any damage or deformation.

The tips on these arrows are reinforced to ensure that they will not break off while in use. Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows have been tested extensively to make sure that they meet all industry standards and requirements.

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows are a great value and offer performance, accuracy, and consistency for hunters of all skill levels. The Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrow is the perfect arrow for those looking to get into 3D shooting or bow hunting without breaking the bank.

6. REEGOX Carbon Arrows

ReeGox Carbon Arrows are the most dependable, accurate, and durable arrows you can buy. They’re designed for hunting, but they also work great for target practice. The carbon shaft is strong and lightweight so it flies true every time.

The 100-grain field points are perfect for target practice because they won’t ruin your targets or cause injury to anyone who accidentally gets hit by one. You can use these arrows in any compound bow that uses standard arrow sizes (5/16″ diameter).

ReeGox Carbon Arrows are made from the highest quality carbon fiber. The shafts are 30 inches in length and 0.244 inches in diameter, with a spine of 400. The weight of the arrow is just right for most compound bows. By the way, the arrow will mostly compatible with the bows up to 50 lbs.

These carbon arrows have high-quality 3 inches vanes and ready for use with field points and inserts. The 3 inches vines help you to have more accurate targets and great flights.

The arrow includes 6 extra nocks for replacing purposes. The adjustable nock can be rotated by a coin and adjusted with your recurve bow.

7. GPP Archery Carbon Arrow

GPP Carbon Arrows are crafted from premium carbon to deliver the highest performance at an affordable price. Each arrow is designed with a high-strength carbon shaft, durable aluminum nock, and precision-machined aluminum inserts for added strength.

These arrows feature a straightness tolerance of + or – .003″ and weight tolerance of +/- 2 grains.

These GPP carbon arrows are 30-inch long and can be used for both targeting and hunting. They come with replaceable field points that are available in different weights to accommodate your bow’s draw weight.

These arrows have a diameter of 0.244 inches, making them perfect for use with recurve bows as well as compound bows which are suitable for 40-60 lbs o draw weights.

It’s metal to make them more durable and the nickel-plated stainless steel tip is perfect for practice outside.

These arrows have a colored plastic fletching that will not be damaged by environmental factors and will last long enough to use for further purposes. The arrow has 3 different color segments to choose from.

The arrow nocks are not glued in place, they can be customizable depending on your bow.

8. Pointdo 30inch Carbon Arrow

If you’re looking for a stylish variety of arrows in a range of colors, the Pointdo arrow is an excellent choice. The fluorescence colorings and removable tips make this arrow perfect for target practice or hunting with most bow sets. This carbon arrow is suitable for most of the regular weight bow like it can handle 25-60 lbs easily. So if you want to target practice and hunting this arrow will be a great pick with any compound or recurve bow.

The shaft has two green vanes and one white vane for visibility, making it easy to spot the arrow even from a distance.

The nock of a bow is the bit that attaches to the string, and it should be adjustable. The screw tip can lock onto an O-ring, which changes with your bow.

The arrow comes with 30 inches regular length. After connecting the nock and tips it increases the size by 31.5 inches.

The outer diameter of the arrow is 7.85 millimeters and 6.2 of the inner diameter. The 500 spines allow this projectile to move quickly and smoothly through the air on its way towards a target.

The Pointdo Arrow is made from durable carbon material that can handle any uses you throw at it, making them a long-lasting piece of gear for your next hunting or target practice session. The fluorescence colorings are also an excellent feature to help pick out individual arrows when they land in. They are well made and durable for target practice or hunting.

The exact weight of the arrow is 35 grams and it has 13 grain per inch of regular features. Tips for the arrow can be replaced, and the insert is glued.

9. Elong Fiberglass Arrows Archery

If you want to practice with an arrow that must come at a decent price this belong fiberglass arrow can be your pick. Because it has a variety of color with numerous sizes also. Though this fiberglass arrow is not suitable for hunting purposes but if you passionate about targeting and practicing this can full fill your criteria. By the way, this could be a great option to start for your children and women.

The elong fiberglass arrow is suitable for under 40 pounds of draw weight. Though it has four different sizes 24, 26, 28, and 30 inches it’s perfect for only target practice.

The shaft has 5 millimeter inner and 7 mm of outer diameter that contains quality fiberglass finishes. 3-inch TPU Streamline Vanes with 1 white and 2 orange plastic built is perfect for practice. If it bents then utmost 80-90 degree centigrade of water temperature can fix this problem easily and can make it up on its original shape.

The tips and nock cannot be adjusted because it is pre-customized with permanent glue. Both of the parts can’t turn off or replaceable.

The arrow is the picked choice if you want to enjoy the archery with your friends and family in the backend and this could be an initial step to learn archery for your kids and this is also a great option to start for women.

The 14.66 grain/inch offers you usability while you use it on the shoot, especially for beginners’ target practice and shooting.

10. KESHES Archery Carbon Arrows- For Youth

The keshes archery carbon arrows are a great option to choose as an alternative to elong fiberglass arrows. Because the keshes carbon arrow gives you the opportunity to customizable tips and nocks. This 30 inches arrow is great for youth archery and target practice for adults.

These arrows maybe a little heavier than those of fiberglass, though not by much. The cheaper price point can merit it if you’re aiming for something in-between that is still light enough to practice with.

The arrow is a great premium carbon build that is suitable for all traditional recurve or longbows. These used to be suited with up to 60 pounds of the bow.

The regular diameter of the arrow is 0.309 inches of inner and 0.244 inches of outer gives you a perfect shoot on the field. The arrow is made from carbon for strong and long-lasting product stability. The fletching vanes are colored to help the arrow fly correctly in the air and the tipping point helps create a perfect shot each time.

Until they are fixed with glue, one can easily adjust their nocks to match an individual’s bow and also replace them through normal wear.

O-Rings secures the tips tightly and prevents loosening during the flight f the arrow and reform you from further incidents.

3 Colors variant (Yellow, Green, and Orange ) which gives you an option to choose for your personal opinion.

What to Consider When Choosing the best arrow for compound bow?

Before buying something you must Consider some basic and must need criteria that ultimately will make your purchase worthy.You may want to consider: draw length, spine type and nock style when choosing arrows. But there’s one thing you should never forget before you buy new arrows that always match your arrow shafts with the correct point weight. To find out how much a given shaft weighs, look at its grain per inch rating.

For example, if an arrow has a GPI rating of 400, that means it will weigh about four grains per inch that is about 80 grains in total. By selecting this measurement you can pick your top option from our list.

Weight of the arrow:

The weight of an arrow is measured in grains and typically ranges from 250 to 500 grains, with lighter arrows being more common for target shooting and heavier arrows used primarily for hunting large game such as deer or elk. So considering the weight will make sure you are able to pull through it properly on a bow string without yanking back too hard which can lead to injuries like strain injury on hands, neck pain etc.

When selecting your arrows you will find that there is some overlap among these dimensions but each one has its own set of tradeoffs that warrant consideration. For example, heavier weight does not necessarily mean greater accuracy because it can affect how an arrow flies through the air due to gravity; however heavier weight provides more penetrating power when hunting game animals like deer since they are typically shot from shorter distances where their speed is slower than say a large


Straightness is not something that many beginners to archery pay attention to but depending on the user’s target it can make a difference in how cleanly an arrow pierces its way into game. Tightness is a major issue in the arrow manufacturing process because it can have significant effects on how an arrow flies and whether it will penetrate through game animals or not.

If the spine of your arrows is off, then this could cause more wobble when shot which leads to less accuracy; however, straightness also affects penetration power as well if you consider that a crossbow bolt needs to be stiffer than bowstring for instance.

There are tradeoffs among these three dimensions such that there may be some overlap but each one has its own set of considerations associated with selecting them: weight determines velocity while length/stiffness affects accuracy and stability along with penetrating power. Straightness from batch to batch is another consideration in quality.

Shapes/ lengths:

You need to consider that there are different types of shape and length (for example if we’re shooting at long distance then my choice must be longer) . If you want accuracy then choose shorter.

Most of the decent arrows are comes with 30 inches length. But you can find from 24 inches. Those low length arrow are especially made for children or beginners.

Shaft Diameter

The diameter of the shaft is important because it will determine how much you’ll need to spend on arrows for a specific bow. Generally inner and outer diameters refers the arrow quality however its for hunting or targeting purposes.

The shaft on the arrow may made with different materials like wood, aluminum, or carbon fiber or fiberglass. Now the carbon fiber shaft will give you much more convenient experience for hunting, target shooting or practicing.


A good product comes with decent price. The price consideration before buying something is of utmost importance. If you want to buy something expensive then make sure it’s worth the money or if not don’t even bother buying. But the arrow price segments uprises.


Make sure that what you’re purchasing will last for a long time and can withstand wear and tear as well as other external forces such as weather elements, etc. You should also check if the arrow is weather protected or not.


Spine stiffness is the most important factor in an arrow’s design. Different bow draw weights require different spine stiffness to shoot accurately and efficiently; a higher (stronger) weight requires stiffer arrows, while lower-weight bows can use softer ones.

The word Spine alludes to two principle qualities of an arrow. The first is the stiffness which comes from carbon arrows being softer than aluminum ones, and the second is having a balance between stiffness and flexibility.

The spine of the arrow is just as important as its vanes. An excessively stiff spine will disrupt an arrow’s flight and cause it to veer off course, while a too-flexible spine will lack stability in the air.

If you try twisting the arrow between your fingers and it resists, it is a sign that the arrow is strong enough to shoot.

In the opposite scenario, if a person is too strong it will be difficult to bend and twist an arrow. If one does not heat-treat arrows sufficiently, they may not be durable or sturdy enough leading to them being less accurate with their shot which can also put them in a dangerous position when using a bow.

What kind of arrows do I need?

Archery practice nothing but a passion with experience. If you’re more experienced then you might want to choose a higher draw weight, but if you’re still developing your form then it might be better for you.

Bow draw weight

It’s also important to consider the type of bow that is being used as well since some are easier than others. This will affect how strong an arrow needs to be or what kind of materials need to be used in order for the weapon and arrow combination to work optimally. So every arrow refers to the draw weight of the bow suited.

For example, bows with lower poundage tend not to require arrows made from steel because they don’t have enough power behind them.


Another factor worth considering when choosing an archery practice is safety precautions like quivers, aiming points, target faces, and arm guards which can all help make shooting a more enjoyable activity by ensuring one doesn’t injure themselves.

In the end, this all boils down to research and understanding what you’re buying because there are plenty of different choices out there in regards to archery gear but it’s important that they fit with your individual needs and style so that shooting becomes as enjoyable a sport or hobby as possible.

Frequently Asked Question:

How do I choose the right size for my compound bow?

The first step to buying a new compound bow is deciding what size you need. Compound bows come in various lengths and weights, with the most common sizes being 34″, 36″ or 40″. It’s important to know your own height before selecting which length will be suits for you. For example, if someone has an inseam of around 28 inches then they should choose the shortest available since it would still fit them well enough while also not feeling like too much of a challenge as they learned to use their gear properly.

A person who stands at six feet tall might take more time learning how to correctly handle something that falls into the heavier weight category such as 46 pounds whereas someone shorter than five foot three may want a lighter option.

Are compound-bow arrows expensive?

The price of an arrow can range variety. It all depends on the size, weight and material that you are looking for in your arrows. Pricing is typically higher when you need a specific type such as carbon fiber or aluminum but if it doesn’t matter then standard wooden ones may be more affordable.

Are long arrows better for battling prey?

Some say that long arrows are better for hunting smaller prey. The longer arrow has a higher chance of piercing through the animal’s hide and into its organs which is more likely to kill it outright on contact than with shorter arrows. No matter the length of the arrow, it should look for arrows made specifically for hunting or practicing anything.

What arrow shaft should I use?

For hunting, the arrow shaft should be made of aluminum or carbon graphite. These materials are lightweight and strong which means they can withstand significant impact against any type of prey without breaking. Though arrows were traditionally made with wood, in modern times they are now usually replaced with carbon constructed.

Why is spine stiffness important for arrow shafts?

The stiffness of the shaft is important because it determines how much energy is transferred to the arrow as it flies through the air. A stiffer spine will transfer more kinetic energy and a softer one won’t, which means that you would be able to shoot objects from a greater distance with an arrow made of a flexible material than if they were hard.

How far should an arrow go?

The maximum range of an arrow will depend on its speed, the velocity and density of air at launch time, and how much energy is transferred to it. The fastest possible speeds for arrows are achieved with a bow that has a draw weight between 60-70 pounds. Besides the arrow distance also depends on the quality of the arrow like shaft, fletches and build materials like carbon or aluminum build or others materials.

What happens if an arrow is not at full draw?

If you don’t have your arrows correctly knocked, then they are less stable and may wobble more than necessary which can potentially alter their flight path or miss altogether. This could also cause excessive vibration. So to manage the problem, you should use a heavier arrow. The cost of the arrows will depend on the materials used in construction, it also depends if they are custom-made or not.

Are aluminum arrows safer than carbon?

The answer to this question is deceptive. Some of the benefits of carbon arrows are that they don’t whistle and they are lighter. Aluminum arrows also not whistle but they are slight heavier. Carbon arrow are great options for hunters, but aluminum arrows are better for target archers.

Carbon arrows are more durable than aluminum ones if you’re used for hunting or using in competitions with your bow. Carbon shafts are also better to use when shooting at targets because it won’t whistle as much

How do you choose the arrow size?

The good way to find out what is the right size of an arrow shaft that will work with your bow’s draw weight and length is by consulting a professional archery expert or asking them. There are many different types of arrows, and they all have different sizes.

What is the weight difference between 340 and 400-grain arrows?

340-grain arrows are lighter than 400-grain arrows, which means that they will have less of a kick when the arrow is released. By the way, the heavier an arrow is, the more momentum it will have when released and this will also result in a louder sound.

What do arrow spine numbers mean?

Arrow spine number means the stiffness of an arrow. The higher the number, the stiffer it is and vice versa. The stiffness of the arrow will affect how fast it leaves the bow and penetrates game.

So you should always consult a professional archery expert before buying arrows with different spine numbers to make sure that they are appropriate for your needs.

How long does a carbon fiber arrow last?

A carbon arrow is a single-piece construction that does not have any joints. Carbon arrows are known for their strength, straightness and durability. Generally if you care it may last for 2 years or even more.

One of the drawbacks of using carbon fiber is that they will require regular replacement if you shoot them often because they can wear out quickly.

By contrast, carbon ones do not need to be replaced as frequently but more care must be taken when shooting these sorts of arrows in order to make sure that your bow doesn’t break upon impact with another object such as game or a tree trunk.


If you want a carbon arrow that must come with premium features and unique carbon fiber build, then this carbon maxima red is a pick option. The straightness , weight tolerance and size are optimum for hunting and any other target shooting with your compound bow. The durable and long last performance makes this arrow in our editor’s choice.


Ok, The arrow has the most positive rating and comes with the optimum price that is suitable for this decent kind of arrow.

Besides the premium features with each and every part refers to the qualitiful outcome from it. So if you are thinking of buying an arrow that must be well suited for your task, then this is for you.


When it comes to the best arrows for compound bow, there are many options. You can find arrows with optimum features that will suit your needs and budget. Some of these include carbon fiber material, straightness tolerance, grain weight, spine profile and more.

We’ve compiled a list of some great examples so you can make an informed decision on which one is right for you. Your search may be over before it even begins if you follow our advice about how to choose the perfect arrow for your compound bow.

Here’s the total fact- If you want to pick an arrow for your needs and the purpose is hunting then carbon express maxima red is a great option.

If you have kids and want to give them the opportunity to archery, the KESHES Archery Carbon Arrows can be a great pick. Also it can be a primary choice for beginners with smart price segments.

So it’s your turn to choose the arrow from our recommended table list.

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