How To Care For An Archery Target? (Some Must Do)

If you are a crossbow enthusiast, then you will need to know how to care for your target.

Crossbows have been used as weapons for centuries and many people enjoy the sport of shooting them today. The targets are made with tough materials like heavy-duty PVC or rubber.

They should be able to take a lot of punishment without any damage occurring.

However, when they become too dirty or old, it is necessary to replace them with new ones. We recommend that you purchase some extra targets so that you can rotate them out periodically when needed!

In this post, we will cover how to care for your archery target and give you the suggestion, tips, and tricks of caring for an archery target with getting into with your practice and make a place.

Why should you need to take care of the archery target?

The archery target is not only the object for your practice but also a good friend during the shooting time. You should try to take care of it and get well with your practice.

The purposes of an archery target are mainly to shoot and practice with it. 

Hobbies of archery targeting are often a good way to relax and get away from the stress of everyday life. A study shown in studies to lessen anxiety, improve moods, and even help with health problems.

While having experience in open space to practice archery, you must need a target to set it up.

An archery target can give you accuracy that partially helps you in real hunting or competitive sports.

Again you have to be more conscious about the archery target so that the target can get enough time to perform and lessen the expense.

How can you do that?

Here are some tips about how to care for bow-hunting targets. Keep in mind these could help your accuracy and in the end, make you shoot better.

If you have an archery stand then archery will suitably suit with. But if you don’t have to don’t worry. Just keep these formulas while caring for your target and increase the lifespan of the archery target.

  • Cleaning off arrows after each shot.
  • Inspecting darts before use;
  • Keeping crossbow bolts sharp and free from obstruction;
  • Clean the target with a soft cloth and some water, don’t use any detergents or chemicals.
  • Use a high-quality arrow rest to avoid damaging the foam surface of the target.
  • Keep your arrows in good condition by wiping them down after every shooting session.
  • Store your arrows vertically so they don’t get damaged on their tips or shafts.
  • Don’t leave your archery equipment outside for long periods of time to prevent it from getting wet and rusty.
  • If you’re not using your archery equipment for an extended period of time, store it in its original packaging (if possible) or wrap it up tightly in plastic wrap before putting it away.

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Why your archery target is breaking?

Sometimes archery target can be breakdown because of too much pressure, this is why we recommend that you use a lighter arrow and release the string smoothly to avoid too much force on your target.

You should also check if your shooting distance is correct as good archery targets are designed for certain distances.

Your crossbow bolt will be less powerful with shorter shooting distances which may result in more damage to your archery target.

If you’re using an electric bow or any other kind of power-assisted crossbow, then all these points still stand because they have so much velocity there’s less need in getting such high-quality gear since it’ll last longer than usual.

So the recommended option is to choose a good quality bow and lighter arrow for better accuracy and increase the lifespan of your archery target. To get into the archery, you will understand the maximum capacity of the arrow and bow. 

Can you make your target more entertaining?

Yes, You can make your target more entertaining by adding a game, such as the paper plate spinning target. Or you may add an additional target such as a deer-like what Bruce Lee does.

Funny right. But obviously, you can customize your target according to your use like for your children.

How to care for an archery target 1

Should I leave the bolt in place?

If you’re using an electric crossbow, then it’s recommended to keep your bolts in place for about two minutes.

However, if you are just using a traditional recurve bow or compound bow with high-quality arrows, then all these points still stand because they have so much velocity there’s less need in getting such high-quality gear since it’ll last longer than usual.

So the recommendation is to choose good quality equipment and lighter arrow for better accuracy and increase the lifespan of archery targets which will be more enjoyable when shooting at them again!

Most importantly, safety first! You must always wear eye protection while practicing or competitive game.

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Long lifespan: Archery Target Maintenance.

Most often you want to increase your archery target lifespan. By the way here are the 6 tips to increase the target lifespan. Follow the tips and make your target long live.

  • Apply an oil-based sealant to protect from weather and UV rays.
  • Use a water-based sealant to keep it looking new longer.
  • If you have any holes in your target, fill them with hot glue or silicone caulk.
  • Keep arrows away from the target by using hay bales or other barriers when shooting close to the target.
  • Place targets on level ground so they don’t warp over time.
  • Keep your arrows sharp by removing any nicks on their tips before shooting them at the target 
  • Use only wooden arrows when shooting at archery targets – metal ones will damage it over time 
  • If you’re not going to be using your target for a while, cover it with plastic wrap or store it in a baggie to protect its surface from dust and debris

Can you use the target for different types of the bow?

There are mainly 4 types of bow like a crossbow,  compound bow, longbow, and recurve.

Even though you can use the target for different types of bows it will not last as long when used on crossbow because of its high-powered shots (nearly 400 ft per second).

This is why we recommend only shoot at your archery targets with a compound or recurve bow that shoots between 180-270 feet per second.

Suitable bow:

For practicing with the bow you can use any archery target but choosing the bow may be some tricky task to do.

Because the bow can give you different shooting velocities that may be ultimately harming your target. So you need to choose the right archery target according to your bow.

What should I do if my arrow flies off course?

Arrows flying off course could be due to many factors including improperly drawn arrows, bad aim/sighting, loose release technique, etc. 

If you’re shooting too close to the target try moving back a few paces before retrieving any misfired arrows from behind hay bales or another readymade target.

So the perfect combination will be to use a target for a crossbow that offers good protection and has good visibility to suitable for the target.

Conclusion :

Keeping a target in good condition is simple with the help of these tips and tricks. Be sure to have plenty of arrows on hand for repeated use, as this will take its toll on your equipment over time. And don’t forget about regular maintenance!

A fresh coat of wax or sealant every few months should keep that bullseye shining bright! Check out our blog post for more archery hacks you need to know.

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