Do Heavier Arrows Fly Better? – Bowhunting Strategies

Heavy arrows are not only better for hunting and more accurate, but they also have higher kinetic energy. Heavy arrows are often considered to be a good type of arrows for bowhunting. There are many other benefits as well, such as that heavier arrows fly farther and faster than lighter ones do.

In this blog post we will answer some questions about heavy arrows including- Are heavy arrows more accurate? What is the fastest arrow ever shot? How heavy should my arrows be? What happens if your arrows are too heavily or lightly spined for your bow? And many more. 

If you’re not experienced enough with arrow managing while practicing and targeting, then read this whole article. You will get to know all about arrows.

Are heavy arrows better for hunting? What’s the maximum bow weight to use with a particular arrow?

There are many factors that go into making a good hunting arrow, but typically heavier is better when it comes to piercing power and kinetic energy (KE). There may be other features such as spine or carbon content in your shafts that might also help you make an informed decision about what type of hunting arrow suits your needs. 

As for draw weights, any bow will shoot better – meaning higher accuracy and faster speeds. If they’re maxed out so don’t worry too much about shooting 40 lbs. 

If you ask why do heavier arrows fly better? The answer is a heavy arrow will have more kinetic energy when it is shot from a bow because of the increased momentum in velocity, which means that they are more accurate and can be relied on to penetrate into your target with higher force.

Too light or too heavy arrow for your bow?

If your arrows are too light, you will have reduced power and speed as well as increased noise. If, however, your arrows are too heavy for the bow being shot then there is an increased risk of damage to the equipment or injury to yourself in case of a misfire.

So what should you choose is a great starting weight for hunting would be around 500 grams (about one pound). Keep in mind that this type of weight may change depending on what species you’re trying to hunt so it’s always good to consult with someone who knows about choosing proper ammunition before taking any shots. 

Also, keep in mind that heavier arrows can also cause more physical stress on the archer which means not shooting them if they’re over-spined for your bow.

If your question, do lighter arrows fly well enough for hunting deer? The answer is for hunting deer, a lighter arrow would be more appropriate. The lighter the hunting bow, and arrows used for it, the easier they are to shoot accurately.

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How heavy should my arrows be?

The weight of an arrow is dependent on two main factors: what animal you’re trying to kill and your archery equipment’s draw-weight.

Higher Draw Weight affects Arrow Speed. In case of a misfire with this type of ammunition then there will not be enough velocity generated by the heavier edge since it has less spine than its counterpart. 

Therefore, it may potentially fail to fly straight as well. A great starting point when determining how much spine is right for you would involve bow accuracy.

The maximum draw weight you should use with any given shaft weight largely depends upon your intended game animal, as different animals require different types of projectiles. So make sure you know what kind of hunting you’re doing before making an informed decision about what type of arrow to buy.

Generally speaking, though – lighter arrows are more accurate and there’s a trade-off for heavier arrows as they’re often slower, but their kinetic energy is higher.

But eventually, you will need to purchase the right equipment that matches your needs in order to have an easier time on hunting trips! It all depends upon what type of game animals are hunted most frequently. 

If it is deer then a 20lb bow with 30lb draw weight should be enough while if elk or bear would be hunted instead then a 40 lb bow with 50lbs draw weight might do the trick better.


Does Higher Draw Weight Affect Arrow Speed?

The answer largely depends upon which model arrow one uses because not all models can handle high weights due to insufficient spine. A good starting point when determining how much weight any given arrow can handle is to look at its spine.

Higher draw weight means more kinetic energy and more speed, but it also affects the stability of the bow because they need a slower release rate in order to optimally perform with such heavy arrows. 

Higher-end bows are designed for high-powered shooting so this issue doesn’t come up as much vs cheaper models that have lower maximum loads.

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Are heavy arrows more accurate?

What happens if your arrows are too lightly or heavily spined for your bow? To considered a heavy hunting arrow instead it’s better to buy light or heavier arrows when target shooting since lighter arrows have less kinetic energy they would not make as large an impact on targets but might be more accurate.

If your arrows are too lightly or heavily spined for your bow, it could cause accuracy problems. With lighter arrows especially, they go faster and flatter through the air which can be helpful for hunters who are after a smaller game like rabbits or foxes. 

It’s true that all things being equal, heavier arrows will generally travel a little farther than lighter ones. This is because the force applied to the arrow by the string winder in order to propel it from your bow is proportional to its weight. 

So if you double the weight of an arrow, for example, then this force doubles as well and therefore more energy can be transferred into propelling it forward (and making it go faster).

Some Questions:

What’s so great about heavy arrows and What can they do that lighter ones can’t? 

Higher kinetic energy (KE) – in other words, more punching power- means higher penetration which translates into better accuracy at longer ranges and increased lethality on target. Heavy shafts also have less wind drift than light shafts due to their greater mass. 

The tradeoff comes in the form of slower speeds as well as decreased arrow flight distances because heavier arrows tend to drop more quickly than lighter arrows.


What is the fastest arrow ever shot? 

The fastest bow and arrow combination has a speed of around 320 mph, which was accomplished by a helium-powered dragster from the 1987 Guinness Book of World Records. This record was subsequently broken in 1997 with an aluminum-bodied vehicle that managed to go as fast as 333 mph.

How heavy should my arrows be?

To figure out what weight arrow is appropriate for your setup, do some research online to determine which spine works well in combination with your draw length and poundage rating of your equipment.

The general rule of thumb is that hunters should shoot at least 20% heavier than their target animal’s average weight so as to get better penetration on shots taken from long distances or when shooting animals using less potent bows.

The weight of an arrow is determined by the spine, which in turn determines its stability and penetration power. Better to have 340 to 990 grains for good purposes for different occasions like targeting and hunting. 

What type of material are hunting arrows made from? 

Several types of arrow materials used for making an arrow like carbon materials, aluminum and wooden parts etc.

Some factory shafts come preassembled with inserts installed. Others require the addition of inserts after purchasing the shaft and point separately.


In the end, it is important to remember that the bowhunting game is all about shooting your arrows as fast and far as possible. This means if you can shoot an arrow past a deer at 40 yards away before they see or hear it coming, there’s no need for more thinking when choosing between heavy and lightweight arrows. 

If you’re still not sure which type of arrow suits your needs then we have put together some helpful information on this site. However, if you do not get any idea then it’s recommended to go professional thoughts. 

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